A young director's examination how gender is performed on stage especially within the works of William Shakespeare

3 October 2012

Tied up in knots

Tomorrow I begin lectures for my Masters in Gender. Nervous anticipation just about sums up my feelings right now!

In preparation I've been trying to do some thinking on my thesis. I don't write it until next spring/summer but, as an extremely wise person once told me, 'time in reconnaissance is seldom wasted.'

Somehow I'm trying to find a way of blending my interests in Shakespeare, and the academic realm of gender, into one brilliant, original, 20,000 word masterpiece. And I just wrote the following paragraph:

Do I want to write about how Shakespeare wrote about gender? Men playing women playing men playing woman a la Twelfth Night? Or about how gender bending/reversal/crossing is dealt with on contemporary stages, and how characterisation or words are affected and effected when there is a difference between the character's sex (or gender?!) and the player's, and/or from what the playwright originally anticipated the player's (or even character's?!) sex (or gender...) to be??

Clearly I have some knots to untie...

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