A young director's examination how gender is performed on stage especially within the works of William Shakespeare

19 September 2012

When you have an hour to kill...

My sister and I recently spent what I believe to be an extremely productive hour compiling 'The Complete Works: Alcoholic's Edition.' Not entirely sure how we got onto it but here are the fruits of our (surprisingly sober) labours:

Two Gentlemen of Corona
Two Gentlemen of Kaluah
King Beer
Love's Labour's Sloshed
Love's Labour's Larger
Twelfth Pint
A Midsummer Night's Bristol Cream
The Merchant of Vermouth
Tequila and Cressida
A Winter's Ale
Taming of the Brew
Measure for Measure (75ml)
Julius Knees-Up
Two Noble Pimms-men
Titus Androni-curacao
Henry VI, Part 1 Cranberry juice
Henry VI, Part 2 Cointreau
Henry VI, Part 3 Vodka

Not much to do with gender I admit (OK, nothing to do with gender...) but plenty to do with Shakespeare and fun to come up with!

Any to add?

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