A young director's examination how gender is performed on stage especially within the works of William Shakespeare

8 August 2012

Did someone tell you I was here?!

I am very excited because the theatre company I am working with for the summer (in the middle of actual nowhere) are hosting a group from LAMDA this week, as they knock together a production of Love's Labour's Lost in 6 days. Not only is this a really cool project and they're all really lovely people, but one choice they have made for this production is to have the girls play the boys and the boys play the girls! HELLO!! Did someone tell them I was here?! I had a chat with a few of them and asked why they had made that choice. It was partly practical as there are 6 girls and 4 boys in the group and - of course - the play has more parts for the boys; but one of the girls said 'well, we wanted a go at all the good juicy speeches!' And I reckon that in itself is a good enough reason for mixing up who plays what in any play.

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